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About Me

Emily Estades M.S. CCC.SLP

I am a certified Speech-Language Pathologist that lives and works in Ohio. I currently work as an independent provider for a pediatric private practice. Though I enjoy working within many different areas of the SLP scope of practice, I am most passionate about social communication and helping those that are non-verbal or with limited vocabulary find their voice through multiple modalities.  I also have a personal mission to support not just my clients but also their families!

I was initially INSPIRED to change my career path after years of attending therapies with my daughter that has a dual diagnosis of Rett Syndrome and Autism. She is now getting adjusted to her adult life. I continue to be INSPIRED by her but also my son who is currently in elementary school. Together we have embraced his diagnosis of Anxiety/ADHD and have learned to find the positive in everything.  Hyper-focus can MOST certainly be a superpower!! :)  My children are total opposites in every way. They have been my greatest teachers and they continue to INSPIRE me to be my best self in every way, including my growth as a clinician.  I also obtained a degree in Art Education before becoming an SLP and love using my creativity in all areas of my life, including working with my clients and making material to use in my sessions.

I have always wanted to make a name for myself as a professional that also walks in similar shoes as my clients. I am someone "who gets it"! The IEP meetings, running from one doctor or therapy to the next instead of play dates and out to eat. I understand trying to fit in extra practice of all the wonderful things learned in therapy and school. But as much as I want to say (wearing my clinician hat) practice needs to occur at home regularly for all of your and your child's efforts to pay off. Yes! This is important - please try... Now (switching to my mom hat) I will say - but it is ok, if you can't get to it today. It is more important to take 5 extra minutes of cuddling your child and reading a book or playing a game, if that is all the time you have to sit down after dinner. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU are doing your BEST. When you are able to practice, give yourself and your child a high five! Now (flipping back to my therapist hat)-  If you read your child a book or played a game - guess what.. You just encouraged your child's speech-language development and may have not even realized it!! That is why I am here. That is why I created this web page!! I want to INSPIRE YOU, to support YOU. (Here comes the mom hat…)  I KNOW you are feeling guilty.  You feel that you are not doing enough with your child (I've been there, I know!) If today is one of “those days” and the only energy you have left to give is a hug or a cuddle… go squeeze  your little one today.  The books and games will be there tomorrow. :) 



  •  M.S. Speech-Language Pathology - Nova Southeastern University in 2017.    

  •  B.A. Speech Communications - St. Joseph's College, Long Island in 2012 .  

  •  B.A  Art Education - Kent State University in 2004

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