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Welcome Everyone and Thank you for those taking part in my website launch!

This site has been nearly two years in the making! I began working on this site shortly after the pandemic began with so many ideas in my mind and no idea where to begin! I am really proud of the site so far and hope that everyone that visits it finds it to be helpful.

It seems like the PERFECT time to launch the site with some very exciting things that have started happening in my professional life. The first of these things is being a guest on The Autism Outreach Podcast with Rose Griffin. In Episode #056 (goes live on January 25th!) We discuss what it feels like to be a special needs parent. We also chatted about the 5 things to consider as a professional when having a conversation with a parent of one of your clients to not only feel like a part of their child's educational team but also to feel valued and respected. Rose was one of my mentors during my graduate studies. I admire her dedication to our field and grateful to have her as a friend and still as a mentor. You can learn more about her work and listen to the podcast by clicking on the link above in the underlined text.

As you look around The Inspired SLP website, you will notice that it is still in an infancy. Each month moving forward I will be posting information, ideas, resources and/or blogs. If you click on the SLP resources tab, you will find the list of 5 things to consider when talking to a special needs parent article that goes along with the information shared during the podcast. Next month, I have a few more exciting things that I will be adding as well! Please make sure you sign up for notifications so you do not miss out on what is new here. Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram where I have something fun planned to begin on January 31st!

If you have any ideas for topics you would like me to discuss in the future please feel free to message me or leave a comment!

Love & Joy,


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